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12-11-2016 Knowing God's Will for My Life Ask! Lawrence Sisung
12-04-2016 Love and Wrath Ask! Doug Daspit
11-27-2016 Let's Talk about Sex Ask! Alf Nelson
11-20-2016 The Uniqueness of the Savior King Ask! Lawrence Sisung
11-06-2016 The B.I.B.L.E. Ask! Alf Nelson
10-30-2016 Family Service Ask! Lawrence Sisung
10-23-2016 The Asker Ask! Doug Daspit
Toggle Sleeping Giant Continued ( 3 )
10-09-2016 Storms Sleeping Giant Continued Alf Nelson
10-02-2016 Apologia Sleeping Giant Continued Doug Daspit
09-25-2016 Paul: Walking in Wisdom while Accused Sleeping Giant Continued Lawrence Sisung
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