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04-24-2016 Time with the King Soul Space Lawrence Sisung
04-17-2016 Present, Present and Present Soul Space Alf Nelson
04-10-2016 Humility Soul Space Lawrence Sisung
04-03-2016 Communal Resilience Soul Space Alf Nelson
03-27-2016 Daily Deaths and Daily Resurrections Soul Space Doug Daspit
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03-20-2016 Is Confidence a Good Thing? Love Illuminated Doug Daspit
03-06-2016 Overcomers Love Illuminated Alf Nelson
02-28-2016 Beloved Love Illuminated Doug Daspit
02-21-2016 Discernment Love Illuminated Lawrence Sisung
02-14-2016 Blessed Assurance Love Illuminated Alf Nelson
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